Corporate Training

Datamaze provides corporate training customized as per the client requirements in the field of Data Analytics, Data Science and Advance Excel with VBA.Datamaze helps the corporates to make the paradigm cultural shift from knowing to being Data Smart. In the current market scenario Data is the cornerstone of making any prudent business decision. So Datamaze can help you to empower your employees by enabling them to make evidence based decision-making and thus deriving the right insight from the data and bringing the results through life by visualization.Datamaze can help the corporates in their plan to build an analytics practice or fill critical skill gaps in their technical team’s expertise or train functional teams to use various analytical tools and techniques to solve business problems.This will by far lower the attrition and allows the company to up skill their valuable resources and giving them an opportunity to grow in their career ladder.

 Datamaze can help you with a tailor made training module, which will encompass the following.




  • Pre-Assessment to understand better the current understanding of Analytics and skill gaps.
  • Customized Learning modules with in-depth content on skills, tools and techniques tailor made for the specific company’s business needs.
  • Dedicated Faculty drawn from industry experts with hundreds of hours of classroom training experience in real life projects.
  • Assessment based on company specific learning and case studies with simulated data to test proficiency of the course modules.
  • Professional Certifications based on evaluation of theoretical learning and practical application understanding.
  • Post training support on any queries regarding various Analytical tools for a specific period of time.
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