If we pay heed to the ensuing discourse all around, we can easily comprehend that we are on the verge of a ‘Data Revolution’. This is akin to the ‘IT revolution’ we experienced a few decades back that has revolutionized our lives, but only this time the disruption will be more intense and its impact will be more far-reaching…touching all areas of human existence. 

We all know that change is the only “certainty” in our lives. So instead of feeling uneasy, as we stand on the threshold of this “uncertainty”, it is wiser to embrace it and equip ourselves with skills necessary to meet new challenges of the imminent paradigm shift. 

Today we find that there is an unprecedented “skill gap” in the field of data science as well as other emerging technologies. And this talent gap is widening each day as the new market realities are compelling more and more companies all over the world to transform themselves into ‘data-driven’ companies in order to remain relevant. However, there is hardly enough “trained resources” available who can bring about this transformation effectively. The theory-ridden pedagogy prevalent in our educational system is slow to teach the necessary skills to students that will help them navigate through this fast-changing world. 

Datamaze wishes to address these challenges. On the one hand, with its array of courses, it aims to train students in all the industry oriented emerging skills that are in great demand. On the other hand, it will offer various services to its corporate clients in this emerging technology to meet their data-related challenges. Datamaze will also “up-skill” and/or “re-skill” their employees to build a strong “data-team” in their organizations.

And the overarching goal in all that we do is to create value for our students and clients. 

At Datamaze, we do not wish to run our courses in a half-hearted way. We are focused to provide a platform to our students where they can try new things without fear until they master the skills of data science and other emerging technologies. Our courses, designed keeping the industry requirements in mind, imparted with modern training methodologies and ample hands-on experience, will empower our students for life.

The services we offer too are customized to the needs of our clients, targeted to give them a competitive lead. We are confident that our years of cross-industry data science experience will be a game changer for them.

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